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We provide you with access to interest rates and mortgage products that are far superior to those of most other mortgage brokers.

Purchase a Home

Do you want to buy your first home? Take advantage of the knowledge and advice of a mortgage broker. How to choose the best mortgage option from the wide choice range that is available to you?

Mortgage for Home Purchase

Buying your first home is like sailing in unknown waters, or even swimming with sharks. The mortgage rates that an unprepared new buyer risks of buying into bite and bite hard, taking chunks off your yearly budget and often driving families into heavy debt. And even if you don’t get into a full fledged financial crisis, the mortgage payments are still bound to take their toll, causing stress and worry while making you give up on many purchases and even cut back on necessities.

What if we told you that we can significantly improve your mortgage rates and this way elevate your entire quality of life to an altogether new level. What if we say you can save thousands of dollars and have a better payment plan by far than what you can find easily in the market? You would say we are crazy. And you would be right!

Our Main Advantages:

We, at Crazy Rates, are dedicated to finding the best possible mortgage rates available for our clients and negotiate the most convenient and easy to fulfill payment plans for them. We are a 100% on your side in this struggle to secure a home while retaining your life.

When we represent you to a lender or a financial institution, you already have a head start - the starter offers we get are better than what is often offered to private buyers who apply for their mortgage by themselves.

When surveying the options, you may find yourself dizzy at the multitude of products, options and plans. Our vast experience and outstanding knowledge of the market means we know exactly where to look and what to look for. With the process in our hands, you can rest assured that you will not have to drive yourself crazy going through all of this information by yourself. We do it all for you, sifting through the paperwork and numbers to find the set of conditions that is best for your specific financial circumstances.

Once we’d settled on what looks like the best package, there is still work to do that may save you even more money. Our work is to represent you in front of the financial institutions, and negotiate the best mortgage rates for you. The result we aim at is that you get the best market rates and save thousands of dollars in interest rates.

In addition we will find and work out a payment plan that will allow you to pay off the mortgage as quickly as possible, while taking it easy on your budget. Our services are perfect for first time home buyers, but can greatly benefit the experienced homeowner. We are here to provide the best rates on the market for you so call us now for a free consultation with our mortgage specialists!

Our Key Advantages

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