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Private Mortgages

We are glad to present a new exciting service from Crazy Rates - private mortgage loans.

Private mortgages are short term loans. They are interest only, and can range in duration from one to three years. Their main advantage is that they do not require homeowners to pay the mortgage principal down, and require only interest payments each month instead.

It is a relatively new solution in the market. It stems from private lenders realizing that conservative lending guidelines used by most major banks end up excluding many individuals who are in fact very much able to pay back loans. In addition to this, private lenders consider a property’s overall value and marketability instead of the conventional evaluation method of taking only the borrower’s credit history into account. Those flexible conditions allow many more buyers purchase homes

Examples of when you need a Private Mortgage:

  1. You need fast financing and can’t afford to wait for a long approval process.
  2. You intend to purchase an unconventional property that a bank won’t finance.
  3. Your credit history is not perfect and you are being turned down by other lenders.
  4. Your income is hard to confirm and it is preventing you from obtaining a mortgage.

The most common reason is what is considered a “bad” credit score by conventional lenders. It is known that with a credit score of 600 or less, you will likely be turned down by a prime lender and you may have to turn to a private lender. We help our clients with bruised credit find and negotiate a solution otherwise unavailable to them. Another benefit is that it is Fast. Approval can be attained as soon as within a couple of days and usually never falls through later than one week of the application. The ensuing processing of the loan and the subsequent release of funds can take around two to three more weeks.

Another indisputable benefit in dealing with a private mortgage lender, is that they want their clients to be able to transfer on to a prime lender as soon as possible. Private lenders work with fast financing deals, and so they want to be able to collect their return on the investment fast. This way the interests of a private lender are the same as the client’s best interests and the lender will try to help the client move on to a prime lender.

We have been in the market of making mortgages available for unconventional purchases, clients with bad credit and other individuals who have difficulty qualifying for a lone otherwise. We know the market and will help you prepare your paperwork so as to make you look your best in front of the private lender. This should help reduce the interest rates and get you the best possible mortgage loan conditions.

All you need to do is come to us and we will take care of all the rest, with the preparation of the application to the closure stage. Call us now for a free consultation and a quick pre approval and we will make sure you get the funds you need.

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