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We provide you with access to interest rates and mortgage products that are far superior to those of most other mortgage brokers.

About Us

Crazy Rates is a company for you if you live in Greater Toronto area - GTA and would like assistance in negotiating your:


  • First mortgage
  • Second Mortgage
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Bad credit mortgage
  • Debt consolidation mortgage
  • Investor and private mortgages
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Self-employed mortgage
  • Lowest mortgage rates
  • Excellent mortgage repayment terms and conditions
  • Other types of mortgage financing


We follow with keen interest the latest mortgage deals on the Ontario lending market.


We offer free-of-charge mortgage calculations and pre-appraisal so that you can start your house hunting with a clear idea of the size of mortgage you will comfortably qualify for.


Our custom-brokered mortgage packages are tailor-designed to work effectively within your personal lifestyle and financial situation.


We work with a widespread network of more than 200 banks, credit unions, trust companies, private funds, investors and other lending sources which means we’re confident that we can find a variety of options that will suit your needs.


Most importantly, we make a point of reviewing the Ontario mortgage market several times daily to keep abreast of the latest changes– so we can always offer you up-to-date information and the latest deals.


All Types of Mortgage


We have vast experience in arranging different types of mortgages throughout the Toronto and GTA.


We are particularly experienced in brokering mortgages for those with bad credit or who have gone through bankruptcy.


Our brokers are also skilled in arranging first and/or second mortgages, debt consolidation mortgages, mortgage renewals, secure lines of credit, no-income verification (self-employed) mortgages, investor mortgages, and more.


Crazy Rates Difference


We understand that negotiating the right mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions that you’ll ever need to take.


We realize that the smallest differences in repayment terms and interest rates can translate into thousands of dollars when added up over the total repayment period – and that it is your hard-earned money that is at stake.


This is why we do all we can to search among out vast network of lenders to find you the one who offers the best advantages for you and your financial situation.


And why we always make a point of explaining the different options available to you in great detail so that you have a clear and full understanding of what the various conditions and interest rates mean in terms of monthly repayment expenses.


We are confident that our Ontario mortgage broker company will be able to find you the lowest mortgage interest rates on the market and with the most advantageous repayment terms.


Whether you are looking for a first mortgage to purchase a home in the Southwestern Ontario area, a second mortgage, refinancing, debt consolidation, bad credit mortgage, bankruptcy mortgage, investor mortgage or any other type of financial loan, our agents at Crazy Rates will be pleased to assist in any way we can.


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Crazy Rates: committed to negotiating the lowest mortgage interest rates and the best terms and conditions in Toronto and GTA.


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